Despite the fact that the products we're planning on showing at the NYIGF aren't even fully flushed out yet, I've decided to jump ahead anyways designing our handouts & postcards. Even though there are other WAY more higher priority things that I should be doing...But I just can't help I need my instant gratification with small projects like this to feel more accomplished....

These are just some iterations....I'd like to silkscreen or Gocoo print over all these one of a kind vintage postcards.  I just love the quality of how they feel, look, and....oh how I even love the slight dusty old basement smell!  I know spending time to print them individually for these postcards isn't the best solution in terms of saving time or money. But it's more satisfying this way to make something fun (at least for now!), plus it's all the small details that counts, right?

It's especially funny since I recently read this post from Chelsea of plainMADE doing the same thing where she's also printing her own postcards (they're beautiful though!)....and the idea of "impractical" labor.

I like that I'm not the only one being "impractical" and "ineffecient" :D

But really, there's no right or wrong about how to go about things like this. I think if ultimately someone grabs one of our postcards and feel the NEED to keep it because it feels more special, then all the work & time is well worth it!

I like the idea that whoever takes it will want to keep it for whatever reason and put our card on their fridge or inspirations board...or even if someone is moving and is going through their things that they'll look at our card and decides to put it in the keep pile amongst other valuable & inspirational photos/cards/letters and takes it with them.

Wouldn't that be nice?....I think so.