This Humorous and mind blowing collection by conceptual Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga (better known as ANREALAGE) – debuted his 2010-11 Autumn/Winter collection in Tokyo last month.
This brilliant collection, "WIDESHORTSLIMLONG" makes you think you're looking at some poorly photoshoped photos while in reality Morinaga had physically distorted every proportion and size by stretching and squishing every detail down to the actual pieces, the pattern, the maniquins, the labels, and even the hangers!" For this particular collection, which comprises everything from t-shirts and jeans to dresses and pants, the designer worked with 2 spokes; a wide-short spoke and a slim-long spoke. The wide-short distorts the average height of a Japanese person by 250% (width) and 70% (length), while the slim-long distorts by 80% (width) and 150% (length)."I was getting dizzy looking at all the photos....but still amazed by it all!

I especially love how each pieces translates on to a "normal" manikin where the two proportions creates such different look and feel! Doesn't the Burberry-style plaid jacket in wide & stout version look so fabulous & chic?!

via Spoon Tamago

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