Can you imagine a world where people can receive postcards and garden at the send time? They're two totally separate unrelated concepts...How is that possible?!?
Believe it or not, this seemingly unreachable concept is now turned into a reality and will forever change how we live our lives!
I hereby present you (someone elses' invention)....Postcarden!!! These are postcards where you can send and grow a little garden!
This really proves that us humans are truly amazing beings..
With all the great technology we have in combination with our natural desire to push the limit, things that are seemingly impossible are being created every second by great inventors, researchers, designers and more....and every Guinness World Record are getting broken every other day where every other town are trying to create the next world's biggest cookie, pizza or hamburger!!
I suppose this is what makes us so unique....its our desire to always want to reach for the stars....

And indeed are these wonderful Postcarden a great invention of 2010 (for now)! They provide the best of both worlds for people like me who enjoys writing & receiving postcards AND gardening!!
I have to say..I like these WAY better than those creepy Japanese robot inventions they're creating these days. Creeeeepy...
This really makes me think that anything IS possible.....I guess that's why people always say "Never say never!"
....But there's is an exception....I'm pretty certain that I would never EVER want to eat any world's BIGGEST anything!
This is where two concepts of "food" and "biggest" should NEVER EVER be combined together!!