Found this via D*S' sneak peak with Fitzhugh & Lyndsay in their Brooklyn home. It's amazing to see people living in spaces like this in NY. Makes me wonder how they are able to have such an amazing space...perhaps I'm better off not thinking about that stuff....The space feels so crisp and warm at that same time. For the longest time I feel like white is so boring....but I'm starting to realize the reason why people go with white. White...feels so pure, bright, crisp, soothing, and versatile all at the same time! Especially with the use of rustic wood accent through out, their space is anything BUT boring!

I dream of shelf space with a giant ladder like this all the time....
I also like the hint of cleverness such as this rustic sliding barn door for their bathroom. I'm always a little farm-envious, so perhaps just getting a door like that would make me just as happy.

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