This is something I just stumbled's from 2009, but still pretty freakin' amazing!
This whole line designed by Alexandra Verschueren reminds me everything great and fun about elementary school. You know...doodling with color pencils and folding & cutting with paper using mix array of line papers...all the things I love to do at school!

Except all these pieces are simply stunning and are WAY more amazing than your typical school craft project covered in Elmer's least mine was like that!
I especially love seeing the stylized sketches and swatch boards... I'm obsessed with general office & school supplies...and I'm especially drawn to the graphic quality of grid & line paper of all sort. So I think it's freakin' brilliant that Verschueren has turned such ubiquitous graphic into high-end textile prints...and on top of that with all the added colorful hand drawn/hand painted texture!
....It's all just too cool for school.