Chika recently informed me about this little delightful blogger, Tavi Gevinson....This is one of them successful blogger-stories you wished you never heard....Like everyone else, Tavi started a blog, Style Rookie, about something she's passionate this case, it's fashion. Tavi shares her own thoughts, inspirations, and fashion sense. Her readership grew and grew and now have gotten a whole world following her and is now consider a fashion trend setter...the twist? She only 13 years old!!
Her success has allowed her to travel to Paris & NYC fashion week, watched numerous runway shows, gotten to meet big name designer and has even inspired them to create clothes based on her style......pretty much she's making the the whole fashion industry go crazy over her.
I'm going crazy already...feeling crazy lame that is...
But seriously though....she's pretty amazing.

Everything about her style is so uninhibited that's truly inspiring and refreshing to see. I especially love how she mixes extreme high-end fashion pieces with ripped up mix-matched tights, and shoes from the thrift stores. She layers and creates color pallets that are beyond predictable and is anything but horrific. There's really no one style that can sum up what she's all about. She's sort of like an adorable French kid wearing classy grandma's clothes...or a cute little spunky Japanese kid from Harajuku with an American twist...or an edgy androgynous modern avant-garde adult inside a 13 year old body...or a nerdy hipster who wears 80's/early 90's vintage clothes as if she lived through that period and is also nostalgic of the ghetto blast ...She's all of the above!

It's almost like....she's a trash compacter, but for all fashion styles....she's a fashion compacter!
In any case....She's got the talent..and is using it well.

Here's a great photo spread below for Pop Magazine're probably feeling like the oldest, lamest person AND the biggest failure at this point, huh?'re not alone.
Just wait till little Tavi turns 14!!......We can all just kill ourselves* when that time comes...

And to top it off...she's even got her own Wikipedia page...

I googled and Wikipedia-ed myself just for the hell of it...Besides links to Lee Jeans, I also found.......

Well...guess what Tavi?? You're not gonna bring me down! You're just a KID! You can't even drive and you still need your MOMMY to drop you off at all those "parties" in NY and then have to get her to pick you up before night night at 9pm so she can tuck you in...I about embarrassing!! Plus you don't even have a high school diploma OR a college good luck getting a REAL job in the REAL WORLD! HA!
Who's the lame one now?! Don't...even respond.

* I am not responsible for any deaths hereafter for anyone who have read this post.