FINALLY !! we're done with all the holiday orders!!
Now I can breath!! I feel like I've been holding my breath (and grinding my teeth) for the last month with all the production, managing of orders, packing & shipping, and craft shows we had to do for both L&G and R&L goods.
We've been more than happy with all the positive response of our piggies and servers and would love to thank all the wonderful people who supported us being our first holiday season!
Of course...not everything went as smooth as we wanted. Being our first time doing all this...especially in such hectic Holiday season...we definitely ran into some road bumps and had to learn some hard lessons during the process. I know there's always a learning curve to everything....but man, there were just so many small-seeming little things that we over-looked...(i.e. packing & shipping) that ended up being WAY more complicated and time consuming than we ever imagined.
With that said we're the MOST thankful to all our customers who have been MORE than understanding and patient with us!!

Knowing what I know now, we'll definitely be making some improvements for less errors to take place and ways to be more efficient.
One thing that we hope to stay the same is that we'd like to give the same amount TLC in making our goods, pack & ship all our piggies....
Where each piggy will have their limited edition number card.

...and they'll get wrapped up with their rag & chalk kit, which are individually bagged in a little cloth bag.
Then I wrap them up in these awesome textured kraft paper and make them look like a delicious-looking little piggy packages. :)

Of course, I'd like to add a little thank you note for every package to let you know how ever so thankful we are for your wonderful support.

Although taping up isn't my favorite task...but the fact that we get to use this awesome metal Italian tape dispenser from Kiosk, it makes it totally worth it. This was one the best souvenir we got from our summer trip to NY.

So thank you ALL again for your enthusiasm in our goods!! We couldn't have done all this without you! This has been a whirlwind, but very exciting holiday season....and now I'm gonna hit the hay and sleep for 2 days straight. :)