We had so much fun at Seattle UCU last weekend - L&G's first time at the event. Thanks to all that came by to say hello and shop!!

Here are some images of the show in review.

creature paws salt and pepper shakers. A little morbid...but I think a lot of people got a kick out of it. There were a lot of cute sound making whenever people picked it up... :)

Jean's new necklace collection with hand-casted ceramic gems.

Terrariums and terrarium ornaments. We're thrilled that the ornaments & the ornament kits sold out!! Tis the Season!
Daily affirmation mirrors - vintage mirror trays with positive expressions. "Go Get Him Tiger" was the run away favorite!
Superior servers including mixed vintage flatware and ladles not available online (yet!)

It was so great to plan our own little "store" out of (free) wood vegetable crates from the ID and craft paper.
We also really liked being able to include some new and old products for the first time and see people being excited about them! Thank you all for coming!!