Brite crew: Dylan, Jean, Christa, Nin

Here's what we've done to the Brite space so far....Just so you's a work in progress...and also our budget is limited (i.e. no budget)
But between finding materials from Dylan's work, collecting crates from the ID, and bringing random things we have around our house, we're pretty happy with what we've been able to do so far for the space!
A coffee table made with stacked pallets.
the wall of crates are all scavenged from the ID since there's such an abundance of Asian produce shops! Nin impressively put that up in mere couple of hours!

We even got a coffee & tea station! Thanks to Caffé Vita for always supporting our endeavor!
Nothing like some take out Chinese food after working some late hours at Brite...That's one thing that we don't have to worry about...that there's always food available in the International District!
Curious people passer bysBrite's theme for this month, to explore the concept of "space Available" and what it means to use space in a creative way.