So excited to see that Tanya Aguiniga was able to raise $8000+ to accomplish her Artist Helping Artisan (AHA) project over the summer!! I mentioned her project and donated some back in early spring, and it's just amazing that she was able to achieve her goal and make it all happen...just like that!!

I was stoked to receive a lovely package from Tanya with an original print and a charming handmade doll for help fund the project with a little bit that I had to contribute. I'm just inspired to see that all this can happen when someone has a mission, to get support, and then actually making it happen. I really I hope to do something as amazing as that someday.
Pompom hat, and a little baby on her back! It's simply too cute!
I'd love to see these wonderful handmade animals, too!

Also there's a great article about Tanya and her trip to Chiapas on Sight Unseen sharing some photos taken from her trip and even her LA studio!
Ahhh. My favorite pieces of jewelry that I own are those dipped dyed rope bracelets & necklaces!