Ever feel like whatever it is you make or do isn't that great, and even though everyone tells you that you're doing great work, you're still not convinced because you think there are others out there doing better work than you?
Well, rest assured that all those thoughts are totally true and aren't just self perpetuated. What I'm gonna share with you today will further confirm all your the insecurities you have about yourself.
So unless you're prepared to feel like crap, I suggest you not read this post.

Okay, ready?
Seriously....You ready?

So, I stumbled upon these AWESOME (x 100!!) laser cut "Insecurity" envelopes by artist/designer Johnathan Keller . The concept and result is just ridiculous....actually let me reword...it's total crap-your-pants-ridiculous. After seeing his work, I was not only disgusted, but filled with rage. Disgusted and angry at the fact that there is actually someone like JK Keller out there who thinks he's better than me. Yeah, I know...who the hell does he think he is?!

Also I HAVE to share this other project that I can really care less for.... This is a series of American Sign Language hands he made from matchbooks found on the street. These are just two of the many conceptual projects he's done. I know...it's absurd.On top of that.... his significant other, Keetra Dean Dixon is just as disgusting as he is. I mean...do they just sit around and do nothing except create ridiculous conceptual art/design? I mean, come on! Get a real job!
(by Keetra Dean Dixon)

I made the mistake of looking at everything they do, and I'm warning you again before you do that yourself. I wish I never saw their work or knew that they exist. If I could turn back time....Oh...Cher, why won't you help me?
Alright.... I'm gonna go wallow in my own pathetic life and stuff a bunch of chocolate, Pringle chips in my face and then cry myself to sleep. Maybe everything WILL be okay...but most likely not.....