I. Love. Moss.
Actually I'm too obsessed with moss that's beyond love at this point. Everything about moss makes me happy....They're fuzzy, soft, green, and cute...what's not to love?
I've been wanting to grow moss for so long!! I would literally steal moss from going on hikes...or even from my relatives' backyard to try to grow them at home inside and out but all failed miserably. Especially with our south facing house, there's just too much sunlight and heat all around to grow it successfully...But I shall not give up!!
Seeing these various moss graffiti artists like Edina Tokodi (aka. Mosstika) and Anna Garforth is totally inspiring. Imagine running into such pleasant surprises while walking around the streets of NY.
If anyone feels the need to spread their love for moss as well, here's a recipe to make your own version of moss graffiti! (from Environmental Graffiti)

You will need a blender to make the mixture and if you plan to grow your moss outdoors you will also need a seed tray filled with compost.

  • Several clumps of moss
  • 1 pot of natural yogurt or 12oz buttermilk (experiment to see which works best)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
  • Plastic pot (with a lid)
  • Paint brush
  • Spray-mister

Seemingly, getting the recipe to work can be quite difficult, the location and weather conditions need to be spot on. Moss thrives best in damp areas so if you have to grow it indoors make sure you spray it with water frequently. As soon as it starts to grow, transplant it in your chosen location and watch your graffiti art spread.