ME! (two thumbs proudly pointing at myself) But did you really need to guess? Who else would I talk about besides ourselves?! So We're making a comeback with our L&G vintage shop!
We made a new banner with our shelving unit and our logo + a heart! But that's not all....we also got a TON of newer, better, and awesome-er things!

Here's a sneak peak of items we've listed and also some that we'll list later.You're gonna take a look at all this stuff and wished that you never said things like "I'm so sick of seeing the same old stuff!" or "They're so lazy!" or even things like "They're shop sucks and I hate them!"
We guarantee that all those thoughts will disappear after you see all our great new finds! Okay, we can't actually guarantee that....but we hope you will!
See what I mean? It's okay, we won't hold grudges....Becuase we're nice. So remember that.