Last Friday, the day before the official America's Ultimate Freedom day, Dyaln was lucky enough to get a day off!
We wanted to do something nice and thought about getting a nice brunch in Ballard to gear ourselves up for a nice & rare 3 day weekend together. But then at the last minute, we decided to eat in and make our own brunch instead! It always seems easier to eat out, but in fact making breakfast/brunch is about the easiest meal to make! Also there's a less likely chance to cause food comas (more on that matter for the actual freedom day)

I made some french toast using some thick artisan bread, and made up a simple mixed berry compote and some vanilla mascarpone. Also some fresh peaches and yogurt! It was pretty simple but totally hit the spot!
We didn't plan anything big for the freedom weekend. Instead, it was nice to just stay a home together, get some projects done, reorganize and do some doing the laundry. I usually put off doing my laundry, but I finally decided to it, as I was about to throw them into the dryer after washing, I stopped and realized that I haven't hung my clothes out to dry for at least a decade!
I grew up always having to hang dry my family's clothes as a kid, and that was one of the chores I was responsible for. As much as I dreaded doing my laundry, I still enjoyed the simple pleasures of hanging the clothes and putting clothespin on's somewhat meditative.
I was especially stoked when I found my giant bag of vintage clothes pins that I got from a year ago! Those vintage clothespins are simple and adorable! I just love how the soft subtle form is justified to allow such ease of use, and the shape itself is seems so refined and pure. simply perfect.
Since I'm on the topic of our house, I'm gonna give you the latest garden news at the Dupe! Past couple of weeks I've been talking about Peas....and about how know..."pea-ed in my plants"... well, FYI, Pea plants are so last week and is totally OUT! The pea joke is totally tired and I'm bored. Now what's IN are these fabulous heirloom tomatoes and mixed salads that are growing! Just look at how fabulous they look! So healthy and fresh looking! The tomatoes of course are too early in the season, but they look like they're well on their way to become sexy tomatoes! The mix salads are starters that we got from the Ballard Farmer's market, and the flavors are just AMAZING. We don't even use dressing with it since there's nothing like tasting the bitter peppery flavors of these greens.
yeah....summer in Seattle is pretty good.