This happened about a 2 months ago, and I've been putting it off. But Chika and I did a special project for Henrybuilt.
It was for their new wardrobe system and we did the design and prototyping of some leather handles, felt pockets, and hamper bag that's cleverly integrated with the whole system.
Our work got mentioned in blogs like Remodelista!

Check out all the sexy beauty shots below.....

Leather Drawer Pulls with hand stitched reinforcement detail. They're minimal but supple. We heart leather!!
Felt Accessory Storage Pockets for the interior door rail system
Hamper Drawer with integrated basket, constructed from mesh + recycled leather
Dylan designed the wooden jewelry knobs, the lighting, the shaping of the sliding tray tops. I can only imagine how satisfying it would feel to use that....

As funny as it sounds, we actually never saw the entire system as a whole in person. We only saw parts of it here and there, and now it's all the way in the NY showroom. So, unless we go there to see it, or order it ourselves, we'll never get the real experience....
But actually we're just happy to see all the photos and all the blog mentions of HB's extraordinary work...and I have to admit....Chika and I's work looks pretty darn good with it, too. :D