Dylan took out the memory card from the camera and I couldn't upload them today! AH!
But thanks to Tricia Martin...who did her homework already! I'm borrowing some of her photos for this post. Thanks Tricia. :D
The Ctlr+Alt+Design opening this Friday was AWE-SOME!! The show looked amazing, and it was a great turn out with more people than I expected. Well...I didn't know what to expect, but there were tons of support not only from friend & family, but also from local Seattle businesses as well as design professionals. We've met lots of interesting new people and found out how so many people are connected!
The show is at Ouch My Eye Gallery and will be up through July 12th. The gallery is this incredible loft space just north of SAFECO field. The show looked especially professional and stunning because of the space and what the guys had done at Ouch. I would love to work...or even live there!Here's the amazing progress of how the Seattle Bread Friend Map was growing! That was totally fun to have at the opening. It was interesting to see how people are connected! The bread was also DELECIOUS!! We even took a little bit home at the end of the night. :D
I made this little chalk piggy bank to accept donations. Although we didn't make a million, we did receive a whole $20 bill! Many thanks to the generous person! We will indeed HEART you very much. And the other person who put in 0.50 cents. We HEART you, too...AND everyone who showed up for support of course!

More photos to come soon!


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