This is it! Tonight is the opening of JOIN's Ctrl+Alt+DESIGN show! 7pm-Midnight!!
There's so much stuff at the gallery space that it is starting to look like a design store! (I wish we have design store!)
Lots of things are for sale and really affordable...DANGEROUS!! I'm already eying on some stuff and gonna get first dibs! Muah ha ha!

Here's some photos of us setting up late last night.
Jamie organizing all the jeweleries including an array of awesome crayon rings!Nin & Dylan setting up the BRITE lites. It should be a fun little wall with some crazy lights!
Oh and here's Dylan eating some takeouts from one of our favorite late night place for some Cantonese comfort foods, Purple Dot Cafe in Chinatown. Nothing like eating delecious sticky friedrice at 11pm for dinner!!
Still more to do! As you can see it's still quite a mess. :P
I'm sure we all be running around till the very last minute!...totally feel like we're students again!


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