Dylan and I went and checked out Urbancase's ICFF preview show at Cairo last Thursday. It was a great space, great crowd, and a great show overall! It was fun chatting with Darin about his experiences showing at the ICFF. Since neither of us has been to ICFF, we picked his brain apart asking him about everything involving the process and the show itself.
It was great to see his work in person, since you can really see and appreciate the details and feel the quality of his work. I like how there's a mix of modern sleekness in his bigger pieces as well as the more humorous and playful small accessories, such as the 'Energie Lamp' that's inspired by the high voltage warning signs.
I especially love the new beeswax polaroid candles! Both Jamie & I ended up getting one for ourselves. And I happened to have the similar model camera! Now they're friends. :D
The smell of the besswax is AMAZING.......You can get one, here!On top of all the awesomeness, there were also a bunch of well decorated sugar cookies in the form of polaroid cameras and his voltage shocked guys. Super cute AND delicious!...and I ate too many of them... :P
Best of luck to Darin!