Photographer and blogger, Abby, from Abby try again last year opened her online shop selling her beautiful photographs taken with film cameras. And since beginning of the year she started a collaborating with Chelsea from Arugala Press...Their new project, Print + Press, is where each month one photograph (by Abby) and one art print (by Chelsea) will be produced and sold as a set in limited edition.
Each month they focus on a theme that correlates with the season, the mood, or things that they did that month. Each Print+Press pack is only $20. Visit their shop, here! Make sure to read about their process! You'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and the care they put 100 times more. I've been looking at them repeatedly and still, I can't decided on which to go with...since I want them all! (My natural tendencies is that I want everything!)
Seeing such talented people creating such wonderful work together makes me very envious of life in Portland! Having to have grown up in Eugene, OR, I appreciate the even more laid back lifestyle. I think it's really what makes Portland so unique as a city. They're a small city with big ideas. Their openness to new ideas allow lots of great things to happen. I think it's the fact that most people there seem to be more uninhibited, and there's a general honesty and distinctive charm in their work whether it be art, fashion, food, design, or lifestyle. Perhaps one day collaborating between Portlanders and Seattleites can happen...until then, I just gotta decide which Print+Press pack to get!