Our dear friend and a NW based artist, Nicholas Nyland is currently exhibiting at the new Ohge Ltd. Gallery, right next to the Lawrimore Project in Seattle's Chinatown. His solo show, "Nowhere, Anywhere, Everywhere" is packed with a wide array of mediums from water color paintings, to ceramics, and even paper-mache sculptures hung with phat chains! It's a total treat to see so many of Nicholas' colorful and playful work in one area!We love how Nicholas uses colors. It seems as if he can mix nearly all the Pantone colors and incorporate them into one of his cave-like paper-mache sculptures.
He paints in all the nooks and cranny with little added delightful surprises of map pins and fake flower arrangement buds as if they're mini landscape! I was imagining how fun it would be if I was 50 times smaller and climb all around to find the perfect place to sit and hang out and be surround by all the vibrant colors!

omorrow at the Ohge Gallery, they will be hosting a talk with Nicholas Nyland from 7pm-8pm.. Tacoma artist and University Of Puget Sound Professor Elise Richman will host the event. Elise will lead the conversation as Nicholas shares his thoughts on the pieces that are currently being shown at the gallery. Chinese dumplings, sake and beer will be supplied to help fuel the evening. How fun!

If you can't make it to the talk, make sure you check out the show before May, 10th. Also check out Lawrimore Project, too!

OHGE Ltd is located at 831 Airport Way S. (Next to LAWRIMORE Project)

I just have to share this piece of Nicholas' that's not part of the current show. He painted the colors in a building with existing cracks in the wall...What a great way to turn an eyesore into something beautiful.
Happy Friday!