Dylan & I would like to present to you our newest project: A vintage book subscription service: L&G's Creative Literacy Bill of 2009!

We're here to provide some assistance of our own in these tough times. We decided to do our part to educate and inspire the populous through the power of vintage books. Our Creative Literacy Bill has all you need to inspire your everyday life and keep you optimistic during these hard times.

How it works: Ladies and Gentlemen hand selects each vintage book in the collection and sends one to your door each month for 6 months per subscription. For you, it's a literary surprise every month! We promise to only provide inspiring books we would want in our own collection. You promise to enjoy them. Simple, no?We offer 4 "Stimulus Programs" each with a specific theme (click for more details or to subscribe):

Operation Crafty Freedom=Craft & How To Books

Residential Beautification Act=Home Decor & Improvement Books

No Inner-Child left Behind=Children's Books

Graphical Assistance Program= Books with inspiring graphics

L&G also shares select vintage books on it's Storytime Segments for Poppytalk. You can see some examples of books we pick up and share, here.


Happy Reading!