This L&G storytime takes up another fantastic vintage decorating book “Betty Pepis Interior Decoration A to Z”. Betty P was apparently quite the authority on decorating in her day, so let’s see what sort of alphabet she has to teach us:

A is for Accessories: who can’t help but notice these accessories’ brilliant colors?Speaking of color…you guessed it C is for COLOR! We especially like this example using shades of red, pink, orange yellow and with a dash of bright green:
F is for Fur…but we can’t help but oogle at the Fur-niture in this image:
P is for “pattern placement”:
W is for Wire. Wouldn’t you love to sit on this dandy chair couple’s laps?:
…now at this point, you’re probably thinking: What the hell is Ms. Pepis going to do at Z?…what else other than….drrumm-rolllll…. ZEBRA! Bit of a stretch don't you think Betty?