L&G would like to share another book!! It's Betty Crocker's "Dinner For Two" Cookbook FILLED with amazing illustrations by Charley Harper. This cookbook is a total feast for the eyes especially for all of the Charley Harper fans out there.
We like how these illustrations are looser and more playfully sketched than a lot of his other work.The cookbook is also filled with recipes for American favorites such as these delights below:Roast beef, broiled hamburgers, speedy baked beans, green salad, quick brown bread, biscuits, apple pie, and strawberry shortcake. Mmmmm...
Try as they may to make the food photography look appealing, you can literally feel your arteries clogging as you look at the spreads. Thank goodness they had Charley Harper illustrations to keep the photos of shellacked roasts to a minimum.
You can see tons more images, here.