Today on L&G's storytime segment for Poppytalk, we would like to share with you this wonderful book, "The Camera" one of Time-Life Book series. We found this book and it totally fuels us to get even more excited about cameras and photography!
Both Dylan and I are a little obsessed with cameras these days and recently found a twin lens Rolleicord V camera to add our collection of vintage cameras.
This beautiful book contains captivating historical and artful photos as well as informative instructions on how manual cameras work.We simply love the graphic illustrations and all the striking black & white photos.
I think our next camera experiment is to get a microscope camera! Just imagine all the amazing things you can capture...a fly..crystallization of vitamin C! Remember looking at onion peels during science lab? I'm always the one hogging the microscope!This crazy revolver is actually a camera invented in the late 1800's. Hmm, not sure why ANYONE would invent something like this. What was the objective?!...whatever it is, I think it's a cruel joke! Imagine using that and pointing it at people you know and shouting "say cheese!!"....You'd wonder why everyone in your photos looks horrified. I would definitely add this to my list of 'really useless inventions' along with Roomba and The Jonas Brothers. (sorry!)

But this is a book filled with visual inspirations that will get anyone to pick up a camera...or if you're like us, you'll end up picking up ten cameras!


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