It's been super nice in Seattle this last week, and I've been listening to this album EXIT by Shugo Tokumaru. It's been the perfect album to listen to. His music reminds me of spring and sunshine! Sounds cheesy, but once you hear it, you'll know what I mean. Thanks to Sonicboom, I picked up this album by chance when test-listening their used albums. I love finding music when I least expect it!
Shugo is a music genius who intricately weaves sounds of all sorts by using random everyday objects to classical Japanese instruments. He has collected hundreds of noise makers and often incorporates them in his music. Every song is a delightful collage of sounds that is simply wonderful to listen to over and over again. There's seriously not one song in there that I don't like. You can listen to some of his songs, here.

Hope it will brighten up your days like it does for me. Enjoy and have a good weekend!

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