I just have to gloat about the newest edition to my camera collection: A 1960's Nikon F + fun bells and whistles. Back in the day, this camera was the workhorse in many pro photographers' arsenals. Now that I finally picked one up, I know why...this photo-machine is tough as tank, very versatile and takes grrreat photos!

The coolest part about the camera is that the finder is interchangeable. It came with a standard metered finder, but it can be switched out with a waist level viewer like the old TLR Rolleiflexes and Hasselblads. I just got my waist level finder and can't wait to take some shots with it...there's something about the perspective in shooting from waist level that makes things look so much more interesting.

I wanted to share some of my second roll of film (black and white mostly taken in Portland, OR). I'm pretty happy about the way they turned out and can't wait to hit the streets again (packin' the waist level finder this time).

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