After a fun weekend at Cafe Weekend, I just like to share some lovely photos of the cafe, the successful grand opening, and some fun photos taken with USNAPS! Above is a photo of the owner/super entrepreneur couple, Christa&Nin and their adorable cafe/studio. The cafe has a great mix of simple modern design mix with charming vintage materials and findings.
I'm proud to say that Dylan and I contributed by finding that bright yellow coffee sign. We couldn't possibly fit it in our house, so it was perfec that Christa&Nin can actually use it. Pretty perfect, no?
These shelves are made from salvaged school benches! It's clever, resourceful, and one-of-a-kind. I love their display of vintage science books, jars & candies, and of course our sweetheart patches! Yay!
The grand opening was good fun with a great turn out. The cafe offers Cafe Vita coffee, delicious mini-Trophy cupcakes and delicate handmade Japanese wagashi treats by Tokara, Morning Glory Chai tea, Dry soda , and organic Theo's Chocolate.
And here's some real fun from the awesome USNAPS photobooth.Montage of everyone, and there's Chika and I in the middle.
Here's us. Ha ha. That's what I'm saying in the photos...
Thanks Christa&Nin for their awesomeness!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. And here's to Monday!! Woo Hoo! Let's work!