LG is excited to finally present you our "Chalk It To Me" figurine series!
Remember when we first debut these at the Ctrl+Alt+Design show back in June? Well, it turns out that they were a hit, and we've started selling these babies in awesome stores like {Far4}, and Fancy in Seattle!
But don't fret if you don't live in Seattle, because now they're available for sale on our website! Feel free to raise your hands and go "Woo Hoo!"
These are our first production run of cute ceramic animal pals with a chalkboard coating. Ready to be adorned by their adopted parents (aka. you!). The line up includes a piggy bank, a horse, and an over-sized rabbit. Each is handsomely finished with satin black chalkboard coating accompanied by our chalk kit with a felt rag and a pair sharpened chalk sticks.We'll be adding all sorts of figurines as we go, so check back frequently to our website and see what's available!