Dear Muji,

Why have you gone and achieved awesomeness yet again?  Give the rest of us a chance will ya'? 

Seriously though guys...just when I thought legos were about sold-out (star wars, sponge bob, Indiana Jones, etc) you, Muji had to come right along and inject some of that playful simplicity you so caringly distribute to everything you touch. 

The result:  a simple set of legos made spectacularly and invariably more interesting via a few sheets of colored paper, a hole punch, and a few basic suggestions.  You've managed to remind me exactly why legos were a childhood favorite of wasn't the razzle-dazzle space ships as much as the endless possibilities of our imaginations. 

Oh, but you have failed in one respect where you have also failed in the past:  making it easy for an American like me to get my hands on your best products.  While this product doesn't appear to be available on the US Muji site, it looks to be available on the Japanese one.  Check it out. 


via Design Boom


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