For the month of October, I'll be participating in Chelsea's (from Grain) food documentation blog, called 12 Month/12 Friends/1 Meal:
Two friends share their last meal of the day. Every month a new friend is invited to join in on a month of meals. The documentation of these feasts are collected each day.

Chelsea's concept is to use everyday meals to connect with friends close to afar. Nothing better to connect people than with food, right?
The meals on the left are Chelsea's meals, and the meals on the right are mine.

I'll be in Taiwan for half of the month, so the documentation of the meals will be extra exciting since the food there is always so good! But in general, this project is totally up my alley, since I take photos of food all the time anyways!!
I've been posting all the meal photos on my flickr with details of what I ate.
Me hungry.....Munch munch want food!!!