Remember my last week's post about how Goldfrapp's Happiness song makes me wanna take do-nothing-but-spin-around-breaks at work? Well, I found another great song by this lovely Swedish singer, Lykke Li to add to my dance break list. I've just finally purchased Lykke's new album 'Youth Novels''s SO good!! (Great cover, too) Now, I can do this dance dance dance of hers any time.
The music video captures that exact feeling that I was describing...a carefree lady in a adorable outfit dances around in the middle of a train station.... don't have to do it at the station if you're no comfortable...just do it from your own home!! It's easy! It's like workingout while watching Jane Fonda's Jazzercize videos at home... yeah! It'll shave off at least 50 cals or so if you spin around for 10-15 minuntes straight....for the intermediate level, just spin around and move your arms up and down simultaneously to maximize the workout....and do a kick once or twice while you're at it, if you're REALLY up for the challenge. :D I say why the heck not! You go for it!

Okay, now get your butt off the computer chair and go spin around like you just don't care!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

PSSST! For those who're in Seattle, Lykke will be at
Neumo's on October, 29th!! I'll be there dancing like a crazy person!