Poppytalk once again has generously allow L&G to participate in submitting a post on their wonderful blog. Last week, I did a cooking with L&G post, and this week I finally was able to get my act together in taking photos around Dylan&I's apartment and and answer some fun questions for PHM Studio Spaces post!
Doing the post motivated us to do a farewell photo tribute (more photos!)to our first and probably the coolest place we lived together. Yes....we're saying goodbye to this amazing 1905 apartment in the middle of Capitol Hill, Seattle. I know it may sound crazy....and we assure you that it's for good reasons...we got a house!! It's totally a great thing...except it's just a little sad leaving the high ceilings, the old world charm, the claw foot bathtub, and the large kitchen....sigh.We can't really complain, because we're moving to Ballard, which is a wonderful area close to a bunch of new great things! It's a great Scandinavian community with a fun little Nordic Museum and Scandinavian Grocery shop . It's close to the beach, the best Sunday farmer's market, downtown Ballard with great shops and art walks, bars, and even thrift stores! We just have to keep reminding ourselves of the good positive things, even though we're moving into a not as cool of a place....soon enough we'll make it awesome!

Which reminds me one good thing...we get to pick paint colors for the walls and hang as much stuff on the walls!! I'm totally stoked!! and the kitchen....Dylan's getting excited about re-doing our kitchen plan with his Henrybuilt skillz....yes..spelled with a "z" to emphasize that it's not just any skills....as he has already made the first HB teak credenza for our living room!!There shall be lots of post about all our house renovations!!