Chika showed me this fantastic graphic design blog, Grain Edit with lots of collections of graphic design posters/packaging/books/etc. from 50's-70's...which we can all agree was the best time to be a designer....oh the good old freakin' days....before I was even born. UGH! It's so unfair!! It's not my fault that I was born in the 80's!! What really got me was this recent post about these set of alphabet animal match boxes by Jose Maria Cruz Novillo + Olmos! It's like a kids' book, but 20 times better, since they're in little precious match boxes!! It’s all just WAY too colorful and clever…it’s unbearable for me to look at each of them. I can't stand it!! The monkey…looks like he’s picking his nose!? I mean COME ON!! SHUT UP!!
Okay, I think need to shut myself up now…. :D