There are times when people start to collect thing they don't use or need. They just simply find the need to have things...then there comes a time when people have to move to a smaller place (Our new home!) and realize that it's time to give up certain things they have collected over the years in order to move on. That time has come to for both Dylan and I. Yes...we are slowing coming to terms with giving up some stuff you see here and are offering some of our proud findings at the L&G shop. As I'm posting the Dansk Flamestone pot and enamel pitcher, Catherineholm pots, Langenthal Espresso cups, and all these other cool items, I keep finding myself changing my mind about posting it!! It's hard to let go of the things that I wish I can keep but I know in the back of my mind that it's for the best to just let go of them.
Which brings up the question...why do people get so attached to inanimate objects? Is it because we subconsciously project our own personalities and life on to these things on a daily basis? Is it that we're so used to seeing it and having it around that when it's not around, it feels like something is missing? Can I possibly ever let go of my owl figurines that sit so nicely on the shelf next to some antique books? Can I live without that one plate that has served us well on the few occasional social gatherings in serving cheese, or that bowl for chips, and snack mix..then the smaller ones for dips and such...Can I let go of the rocks, sea shells, and branches that I've collected from trips to the beach and hikes on the mountain? I can't!! Why not? I don't know! There's something innate about this whole hunting and gathering process. But it's another thing to hunt and gather things that are not under the category of human survival needs. I don't have an explanation for our desire to collect things. Nonetheless, I know that's one of my NEEDS in life....which is to collect objects to create our perfect nest....with useless junk. I mean, useless AWESOME junk. There. That sounds a little bit more justified now. :D