There's a small diner in my hometown of Port Huron, MI where every Friday the world's best macaroni and cheese is served up to its patrons. The place is called Cavis' Diner and they have always been legendary in my family for their cheesy delicacy. Part of the mission of our trip was to journey back to see if it really was in fact still the greatest. I have to say that it did not fail to tantalize my taste buds yet again. It's an amazing homemade concoction from secret ingredients that make an incredibly rich, slightly sour flavor. If you ever happen to be in Port Huron, Michigan on Friday around lunch...stop by and have plate of mac cheese served with a side of mashed potatoes and canned green beans (not so good). Don't forget the chocolate milk (it's the real deal).


More photos of Cavis' and Port Huron, MI live here.