OMG!! I was doing my usual random browsing on Ebay and spotted this amazing lot of 400+ Vintage sign letters of all styles, colors and sizes! I've never seen such a thing! These colorful plastic letters are left overs from some old sign shop in Fort Plain, NY. I can't imagine finding that...I think I would have a heart attack if I ever were to see it in person!
The auction is starting at $2000.00 AND it's a pick up only auction....
Hmm...I suppose I could blow $2000+ to buy the letters, buy the ticket to fly over there, rent a car to drive there to pick it up, and pay extra for over-sized luggage to bring it back to Seattle!....It would be worth it....yeah! no problem!
Then I can die happy and be buried in those awesome letters......nah.....I don't think I want to die just yet...maybe when I'm 80. Someone else who lives closer or who has the money should snag these!