I got this set of mugs at a thrift store for L&G Shop recently, and realized that they look very similar to one of the mugs on Skinny La Minx's tea towel print!! It's the ear handled mug with lantern looking shapes. All the mugs on the towel are from her beautiful mug collection.
I'm a huge fan of her work and have the mug towel in gooseberry. I just love how Heather Moore uses all the various forms and graphics of the mugs to create such a striking overall print.On a side note, recently Heather has been experimenting with incorporating her beautiful designs on dinner plates and I can't wait 'til she starts selling them. I know people are going to go nuts over them...I know I will!! In fact, I'm already going nuts just looking at all the ones she's made...she's just too darn good!!


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