I never realized what was missing in my life....til just couple days ago I got to experience eating a soft-boiled egg out of an egg cup for the first time. Not joke! I was a egg cup virgin for 26 years...and I must say, my life didn't feel complete until now.
I found a set of these white chicken egg cups with white ceramic spoons at a thrift store, and I just had to get them for the sake of trying it! This was a cultural experience for me. I even turned to Martha for some expert advice on how to boil an egg and eat out of the eggcup to insure that my eggcup eating experience turns out perfect.
And it was PERFECT! It totally made my day...even my week!!I love the ritual of eating out the egg shell with the little tiny ceramic spoon. It's as if I'm a kid eating ice cream or gelato with tiny plastic spoons....I savored every bite. It's also like eating a poached egg without all the mess and hassle! But mostly, I think it's just so brilliant how the egg shell becomes a eating vessel in itself. There's just so many great things about it that I can't stop talking or thinking about it!
And after consuming such a satisfying meal......it really makes me appreciate all the simple small things in life....this is what love taste like...in an egg cup.