I came across Poppytalk's blog entry about using pant hangers to hang prints and how it was in the summer issue of O at Home Magazine! I thought it was kinda funny since I started using pant hangers years ago just as a budget solution to hang my collection of prints. Little did I know that even Oprah thinks it's a good idea!! I feel so special...I mean, it's OOOH-PRAH we're talking about!
The way they photographed the hangers with charming old photographs was definitely more sophisticated looking than my jumbled arrangement. I love pant hangers myself and think that they are elegant, well-designed utilitarian objects. I have a whole collection of vintage hangers in all different sizes, materials and forms.
But I was super psyched to also see that Jan from Poppytalk blog wrote a nice entry about my display!! So awesome!! Thanks Jan!!
Dylan and I built this grid on a project day because our landlord is strict about what we do to the old 1905 lathe&plaster walls in our apartment. So we came up with this simple grid for us to change things up easily.