Dylan and I went to the coast in the Olympic Peninsula couple weekend ago to go camping for one night and we got to see beautiful Rialto Beach. The beach itself is a scenic shore by the Pacific Ocean with mostly rocks that's been washed away to form perfect rounded stones of all sizes (which feels great to walk on). On top of that there are an abundance of large dramatic looking driftwoods and sea plants all over the beach that kept us busy as we searched for tons of great sea treasures. A lot of the sea plants looked almost jewelery-like. Their natural forms, colors, and textures were so inspiring and fascinating to see all together, some of which I've never even seem before! The one hanging on the drift wood would make a great necklace just as is! I also love the texture of the delicate and feathery strands of the one below. I have no idea what any of it are, but was truly amazed by the variety of sea plants we were able to find. I love to go back again to collect some more and also lug some drift woods and rocks!