Dylan recently found this classic Polaroid SX-70 camera at the thrift store, a super great find, since it's such a modern and sleek design for it's time.
This was the model that the Eames made a commercial for Polaroid. It's a great instructional film with indepth information about how it works and the wonder of Polaroid cameras. Also what's neat is that some of photos in the film are actually taken by Ray Eames.
We've all heard about how Polaroid is stopping the production of Polaroid film and switching to digital....which is seriously unfortunate considering it has created a huge culture in photography and art.

I found some of these Polaroid photos by Jen. They remind me of Ray's photos. I really like these playful and coloful arrangement of everyday objects and collections. Click on photos to link to her flikr site. She has quite a collection of Polaroid photos, all are which beautiful and well framed. They feel so calm and peaceful...
This particular series of photos is from a photographer, Mark-Steffen Gowecke, who started a project called, Polapola Project taking Polaroid photos with the previously taken photo, and with another one, and another one and it goes on....really neat!

There's tons of great Polaroid blogs with people sharing the same passion for this classic product. Check out few of these: everyday Polaroid, My Polaroid Blog, and Save the Polaroid.
I really hope that Polaroid can have a success story like the Japanese Gocco Printer!! Let's save Polaroid!!