Saw this on the style-files blog. Presented by Wire & Twine in an easy, simple to read format. It was fun to read and checked off the things from the lis. It mentioned buying second-hand stuff! which I feel good about it since I'm buying and selling second hand stuff! (I'm currently patting my own back right now...good Jean...good)

I'm gonna try to do all 50 things on the list!!

There are few things that werent' on the list, which I thought is also important. Such as:

*Bring your own containers to reasturants for take out food. (find containers that would fit the dishes you want, they're usually pretty cool about it)

*Put filled bottles in toilet tank to use less water. (It fills up space which uses less water)

*Recycle batteries and ink catridges.

*Have a picnic with NON-DISPOSABLE dishes! (versus picnic with a marker that's in the list. It feels more special with a cute picnic basket, your own dishes, cups, and cutlery that doesn't break in half when you try to cut stuff with it.)

*Reuse shoe boxes or tin containers (cover shoe boxes or tin containers in nice looking paper or fabric and you got yourselves some awesome looking boxes that you can display AND good for organization!)

*Get things repaired versus throwing them away. (It just takes a little time to find a place that'll repair your shoes, furniture, camera....etc. If it cost too much to repair, sell it! you'd be surprised how many people buys as-is stuff on ebay for parts!)

that's all I've got for now. If anyone has any other good tips feel free to share it!