After 8 years of living in Washington, I FINALLY got to go to the tulip festival up in Skagit Valley about 60miles north of Seattle. I went with my family on a perfect day and it was breathtaking to see the huge field in rows of red, yellow, orange and many more. I felt like I was in the Netherlands again for a split second. Totally worth it! This plum colored tulip is called Queen of the Night. I Love the color and the silk-like petals. There were flowers left and right, and it was amazing being surrounded by so many flowers. I'm not a flower freak, but to see such vibrant colors in such quantity and density, I couldn't help but feel the desire to run through the fields with birds and butterflies flying around while I whistle and sing with everyone holding their hands and spinning around laughing carelessly....unfortunately there were people guarding and giant signs to prevent people like me from acting on such compulsive thoughts.
It's crazy what those flowers can do with your head!!