My parents is here visiting Seattle for the past couple of weeks, and so what do you do when parents are here? EAT! as if I don't do that enough...but nonetheless, it's an activity that everyone can enjoy. :)
I took my parents to Bottega Italiana, on First Ave between Pine st and Union st, a great Italian Gelato cafe right next to the Pike Place Market downtown. Their handmade getlati with fresh fruit taste absolutely amazing. Using the finest fresh ingredients, they don't use any additional colors, flavors, or preservatives in their products, which is great!
It's even better than some of the ones I had in Italy! (I was there for couple of months and I practically ate gelato almost everyday...and there were definitely some not-so-good gelati, believe it or not!)
You must be aware of the suspiciously bright and colorful gelati....I know, they look pretty and tempting, but it's just filled with food coloring and artificial flavors. eck!
You can usually tell when you see good gelato, the color isn't too bright and it should look silky and creamy versus the more icy sorbet look. Like the pineapple gelato in the center, it's just a soft creamy yellow tint to it, not a bright neon yellow that blinds your eyes!
My favorite flavors this time was the melon and mango gelato, it was the perfect combination of sweet and sour flavor together making it so refreshing and light. They change their flavors around occasionally, and few months ago I had their fig and pistachio flavored gelato, which was absolutely delicious, too!
Mi amore gelati!