So it was my birthday end of march! Hurray! I got some lovely birthday surprise packages from my good friends and I really enjoy how each were so well I had to document it!
A bundle of surprises from Noal. But the pods were my absolute favorite, especially with the beautiful vibrant paper and gold thread wrapped around it!Noal and I would always find random natural debris all over. And now we always keep and eye out for beautiful mother natured made things like this. Noal picked up some amazing tumbleweed while on a road trip one time, which you can see here.
Package of pretty in pink from Christianna...I ate almost half of the delicious strawberry chocolate right away!! mmmm.
Such a charming and cheerful birthday cake drawing! and of course she doesn't forget the forks. Thank you guys so much! I love you guys! MUAH! ^3^

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