There's this great little Scandinavian grocery/gift shop in Ballard that I've been wanting to go forever!! I always go either on days when they're closed or right as they're locking to door up!
So finally this last Thursday I happened to be in Ballard running some errands, so I made sure that I had enough time to check out Olsen's Scandinavian Foods for some cultural exploration.
Their deli looked amazing!! As you can see they have hand stuffed sausages of all kind, meatballs, fishcakes, smoked salmon, and even pickled herring! Actually you can see at the very right side of the glass case, they have fresh lingoberry jam, which I got a container of it. Of course I didn't forget to get some Swedish pancake mix to make some good old Swedish breakfast! MMM!!
I always love their packaging! So colorful and fun.
I love the Dala horse figures! Aren't they adorable?!!
I 'll be going back to try their deli food soon!