Dylan and I started taking a ceramic class beginning of January as a Christmas gift for ourselves. I haven't worked with clay since high school, and didn't get much out of it since my teacher failed to teach us anything, so I stuck with hand building vs. wheel throwing. Dylan took a wheel throwing class for a quarter at UW while his teacher would show up to class drunk or hungover....so enough said.

But we started taking a wheel throwing class at the Green Lake community center (only $140 for 10 weeks!), and it's been a blast! Most of the time it's been frustrating, but once we warmed up and starts to make things that we actually have in mind....then it's great! But Here are some few things we made.....most of them are all not centered. It's totally wabisabi....uh, yeah! Totally intentional....yes. I made the elephant and the lettuce bowl.
Dylan made the cute cup with a flattened top, and the yellow interior pot.
some matcha bowls I made. Can't wait to whip out my Chasen bamboo whisk to make some matcha tea! -Jean


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