Here are all the piece Dylan and I did over the 10 week wheel throwing course at Greenlake Community center. These are unglazed, so we still have to go through the agony of waiting for the final results of all the pieces in their fully glazed state. We started looking through all the shelves and kept finding pieces that we didn't even remember making!!
I was surprised how many things we actually made! I think part of it was because many pieces were only 2-3 inches tall (I like making little things), and I made sure that we used ALL of our clay....none wasted!
I struggled in the glazing phase since there were so many pieces to glaze. I kept finding myself having internal debates in my head about whether to keep it simple but boring by using white or be experimental but risk having bad results with other glazes. It's really tough not knowing for sure how they'll turn out!!
We'll be picking them up this coming Thursday, and I'm actually really nervous about seeing them.........Oh god! are they going to look like crap!? It's killing me!
But we won't find out until Thursday! I just gotta keep my fingers crossed....tightly.