Last weekend I went to Eugene OR to visit my best friend, Kellie. I had her take me to a few antique stores and I found a few of these fabulous fabric yarn balls. They were all made with various cotton printed fabric, which had so much charm. Seeing them in the store inspired me to hit some thrift stores the following day to pick up some random fabric....and then next thing we know, Kellie and I were sitting on the couch ripping fabric like we never done before. There was something so therapeutic about ripping fabric...I can just sit and listen to music and make bunch of these....and not have to think about anything else. It was great!
The few in the bowls are a mix of ones I purchased from the antique store and ones I actually made myself.
These are the ones I made. I really love how it all looks when there's a BUNCH of colorful and shabby chic! Plus it was effortless and fun! I'm thinking to make A LOT of them ....enough to make a room full of those the ones that kids play in. Wouldn't that be fun?
They sure are little bundles of joy!!