This is part two of our story time. Today I'm going to show you this great 'Betty Crocker's Good and Easy' Cook Book filled with fun printed illustrations that I found at a Goodwill. Not only does the book include good n' easy recipes...and not so appetizing looking food, they also provide useful tips for other food related activities.

Here, they provide tips on how to pack a 4 star lunch box for the man, the young lady, and the school child. You just gotta make sure not to get them confused, because you don't want the man end up carrying the fabric wrapped lunch that could make him look too attractive while he eats his lunch.

Here on this page, the book provide tips on how to make coffee in various ways, such as using a percolator, dripolator, vacuum maker, steeped in a pot, frozen coffee, and instant coffee. I love the drawing style in the two color printing format.
I haven't tried the cake mix magic recipes...nor anything else. I think I would have to read through them to replace ingredients such as lard for something better. I'm tempted to have a party where everything I make is from this book and see how people react to it. But it might backfire and no one will ever come to my party in the future...Hmm.